Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fun with Stampin' Up! Kits

I wanted to make a whole lot of cards fast, and figured the best way to do it would be to use some kits I've collected along the way from Stampin' Up!

This first card is a sample from the Happy Hello Simply Sent card kit which was available for free during the recent Sale-a-bration event (which unfortunately ended on March 22).  I got one kit and assembled it immediately and, quite frankly, wasn't wowed.  I then got a second kit and decided to add some of my own touches to it, and during the process remade the original cards.  I now have 16 cards (8 per kit) that I'm quite happy with!  My own touches include a back panel to square the card off, several different sentiments, and a variety of different buttons and twines.  Here's a picture to give you the general idea:

The second Simply Sent kit is from awhile back, and I may even have gotten it from the Clearance Rack in the Stampin' Up! store.  The kit includes materials to make ten cards plus a reusable storage box with index cards to organize the cards by event.  Even at full price, that's a great deal!  Here's the box:

... and the ten cards I designed with the stickers and card bases provided:

In the course of two days (spaced a couple days apart due to circumstances), I made a total of 26 cards!  How awesome is that?  I don't know that I would ever convert to kits for all my card-making, but it was nice to be able to sit down with a kit and have all or most of the materials I needed provided AND to not have to put a lot of thought into design because Stampin' Up! did that for me. 

That being said, I think you'll really enjoy seeing a batch of 23 cards I made from scratch in my next post!

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Joyce Spear (a.k.a. StamperJoyce)

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christina d said...

I love what you did with the kits. They all came out great!