Monday, January 11, 2016

Cathy's Cup of Clove Candy

I'm not much of a gift-giver during the winter holidays, but I did want to do something special for my dear friend Cathy. We try to get together every month or two for lunch, and every time she comes to pick me up she raids my candy dish for some of the old-fashioned clove candies that I keep on hand. It occurred to me that it might be nice to give her some of the candies for her to enjoy between our visits. I brainstormed over presentation, and was suddenly hit with an idea! What if, instead of giving her another dish to wash, I made a paper mug? I had seen one that a friend had made, so I asked her for the template and she sent me to YouTube. Here's how the project turned out:

Isn't that darling? Here it is from a slightly different angle, where you can see the curved bottom of the cup:

The inside:

And the bottom:

And finally, here it is with the candy inside of it. So cute!

Next up: A series of thank-you cards I made for the folks that surprised me with gifties this year. You may want to make yourself some hot chocolate!

Sweet smiles,
Joyce Spear a.k.a. StamperJoyce


christina d said...

I love your cup! It came out so cute.

Patricia Parsons said...

My goodness Joyce....that is so lovely. I'm sure your friend must have LOVED it. Well done girl!