Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snail Mail Cards

A friend of mine sent me some stamps from The Angel Company, which motivated me to dig in my stash for my other TAC stamps which I had purchased years ago. Seems I developed a bit of an attitude last time I used UMs because I was having trouble getting the stamps to stick to the acrylic blocks -- so in a fit of annoyance, I put them all away with no intent of EVER working with them again! (Not that I overreact or anything, LOL!)

Anyway, I am so pleased I found both my TAC sets and my collection of other UMs. I have some gorgeous stamps that I had completely forgotten about! And you know what? If you (get this!) CLEAN the acrylic blocks, the cling mounting stuff WILL stick to them! Who'da thunk? (Hangs head in embarrassment over previous hissy fit.)

I did end up mounting some of my TAC stamps on wood mounts because I didn't have enough cling stuff, but I'm kinda liking the idea of UMs now and want to get some cling stuff (what's it called, anyway?) for my other unmounted rubber. I will never give up my wood mounted stamps, but it's nice to have been reminded of this other alternative.

I made some incredibly simple cards out of cardstock scraps while I had my TAC snails out. Don't laugh at these sad little cards -- or if you do, don't let them hear you!

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kate The kid said...

love the snails! f just uses double stick tape...cheaper (maybe) than the cling stuff that i have no idea what it is called.

peace. K