Friday, July 16, 2010

Brace Yourself... !

I just finished taking a whole lot of photos -- over 40, in fact. For those of you who have been following my blog for awhile, that number will resonate as familiar. Why? Because I took it upon myself last autumn to request Build-a-Bear pieces so I could make cards for kids staying at the Las Vegas Ronald McDonald House. I was blessed with enough bear bodies to make 50 cards, much to my surprise. I mailed off ten of the cards last October (read about it here) with the intent to finish up the remaining forty by the end of the year. Well, life happened. I got sick. I got called on to work on other projects. I got sick again. And more recently, I've been packing to move to a much better / safer / healthier / more pleasant place on the other side of town. The official moving date is July 31st.

Well, in the process of packing, the Build-a-Bear project resurfaced. My home health aide has challenged me to finish the cards and have them ready to mail before moving day... and I am so pleased to announce that the forty remaining cards are DONE!! (Hear the angels singing?) I plan to edit the photos tomorrow and start posting the pictures of the cards -- not necessarily because anyone is going to take the time to view all forty cards, but because someday I might want a reminder of what I can get done if I put my mind to it!

I don't plan on posting a lot of details because there are just too many details in these cards to list. I'll repeat this tomorrow, but if you have any questions at all about how any part of this project was done, I'll be happy to answer.

Meanwhile, I think I've earned a good night's sleep. Finally, after months of procrastination, I can sleep with a clear conscience! Hallelujah!

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christina d said...

WOOHOO!! That's the bestest news. No wonder I got poked alot! lol! I want to see pics too, but I know they are cute already. Hope you didn't promise the aide the moon on your wager.