Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cards from All Over the World!

And still another perk of belonging to the StampNation community of stampers is being surprised with cards from all over the world! I was astonished as the cards kept coming in just before Christmas -- I just couldn't believe so many people had thought of me! 

I'm going to share my cards with you, my readers, because they are just too good to be hidden away somewhere. If you have any questions about the tools or techniques used to create these, please leave a note in the comments and I'll do my very best to answer or get more information from the card creators.

Got your cup of coffee or hot chocolate? Here we go! 

Card 1: From the founder of StampNation herself, Catherine Pooler! Actually, this card came with my prize for the Challenge I wrote about here, so it's actually a double-duty card. I'm pretty sure Catherine used this card for a tutorial or video somewhere along the way.

 Card 2: From an already-dear friend from StampNation that I've been exchanging emails with for a couple months, Charlene Thompson. We'll be exchanging cards at least monthly (maybe more?), so if she's agreeable she will be regularly featured on this blog. I love the die-cuts on this card, and I'm hoping she'll cut me a few of the border (if I remember to ask her) as the year goes on.

Card 3: From Gail Hislop in Canada, who is another StampNation friend. The inside of the card has the BEST inside sentiment I've seen in a long time: "Don't get your tinsel in a tangle"! I roared with laughter when I read it because it arrived at a rather tangled moment -- so it was quite a gift. The cover picture is sparkly, and the gold embellishments are perfect!

Card 4: From Janet Gillen, another SN buddy whom I adore. The embossed Rudolph is a bit lost in the strange shadow in this photo, but combined with the greeting it makes for a simple yet beautiful card.

Card 5: From my SN Brotha Kevin Devine, who I'm learning is very talented with mixed media. I just love the simplicity of this card, and I am so delighted that he thought of me when sending out his cards!

Card 6: From Kristie Goulet, another of the whizzes that keep StampNation rolling along smoothly. This was the first card I received this year, and I had a funny feeling it wouldn't be the last. Gosh, was I ever right! In case you can't tell, Kristie is from New Hampshire.

Card 7: From Linda Wilkinson who lives in Michigan, another Stamption Sistah. I love that she use the popular Ornamental Pine set from Stampin' Up! The front of her card is covered with Dazzling Diamonds, and it make the card sparkle no matter which way you look at it. I just wish my camera could have captured some of the glitter.

Card 8: From Michelle Wallace, one of the Sistahs from down under! I squealed with delight when I saw the Australian return address, and then squealed again when I saw the card itself. Michelle does amazing work, and this card lives up to her reputation. Each of the dove's wings have a shimmery iridescent tint to them that makes this card stand out as special.

Card 9: From my friend Rose Ann Urbanic, the only non-StampNation person to send me a handmade card this Christmas. (I guess I'm not the only stamper who didn't send out cards this year, lol.) Rose Ann's card is CAS, something that I strive to do. Rose Ann, if you're reading this, it was good to hear from you!

Card 10: From Sharon Salerno, another talented Sistah from SN. The photo does not do the card justice! The snowflake is die cut, and through the raised panel we can see silver glimmer paper. With a shimmery sentiment and strategically placed gems, this card is quite elegant.

Card 11: From Susan Powell, another Canadian friend who also does fabulous work. The "joy" is a die-cut, and the three buttons are perfectly suspended on coordinating bakers twine. I just love this simple but very trendy card!

Card 12: From Tristan Dawes, another Aussie and awesome stamper that I'm so tickled pink to have received a card from. Her multi-layered card is beautiful in its simplicity. I'm touched that she - and all of these people whose cards I've posted here - took the time to think of me during the busy holiday season.

Aren't these cards the BEST? I've spent the last couple of weeks admiring them, picking them up and running my fingers over the embellishments and layers, and I'm still not bored with them. I am SO lucky!

I am also resolved to get my act together so that I, too, can be sending cards to my Sistahs and Brotha next Christmas! I've seen how much a card can mean, and I intend to do my part in spreading the love!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

And now for some wonderful news: This is my last Christmas post for 2014! I plan to take a bit of a break from Christmas cards during January, but start up again with occasional holiday cards throughout the year. Hopefully that will eliminate the loooong posts with a million photos as I try to keep up on my holiday blogging next Christmas.

I've got two more posts buzzing around in my brain before it's time for me to make more cards to show you! I've been experimenting with embossing paste and playing with Stampin' Up! Blendabilities, so hopefully I'll have some fun stuff to show you in the weeks to come!

Thanks for being here!

Joyce Spear / StamperJoyce


Kristie Goulet said...

You received some beautiful cards, Joyce! Loved looking through them. TFS!!!

christina d said...

Those are beautiful cards. I loved all of them!!

Charlene Thompson said...

I loved the card from Susan in Canada - I especially love the buttons. I might have to CASE that one and put my own spin on it. Thanks for the lovely ideas. Love all your cards Joyce - you are so talented.

Michellew said...

Hi Joyce, you certainly received some beautiful cards and I'm glad you liked mine!