Saturday, July 7, 2007

Carte Postale with Metallic Pencils

Someone in one of the Yahoo! groups I belong to posted a project using the SU! Carte Postale set with metallic pencils, which got me thinking, "Hmmm, I have that set, and I have the pencils... so let's see how it looks in person!" (Not that I'm easily influenced or anything, ha ha!)

At first I was very disappointed with how the floral medallions came out after coloring and buffing -- not the POW! that I expected -- but I pushed myself to make some cards with my experiments, and they turned out GREAT! I mounted each of the medallions on metallic paper (gold, silver, or copper) and then built the rest of the card around them using cardstock in coordinating colors. Using the metallic paper to bring out the shimmer in the pencils was a stroke of genius, if I do say so myself. *smile* Now if only the scan would do justice to how the card look in person!

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LadyLibellule said...

Metallic pencils? Interesting. Great stamp, too. It shows the colours off nicely.