Monday, August 31, 2009

Good Card Gone Bad

Perhaps you've heard the expression frequently used by stampers: "There are no mistakes, only more opportunities for embellishments." I'm a subscriber to that belief myself. Well, usually.

My disaster du jour may be an exception to this rule. I messed up BAD. As of this writing, my feeling is that this situation is pretty hopeless.

So there I was, cutting up a bit of Whisper White cardstock to decorate and put on the inside of this card, having already finished everything else to my satisfaction. This isn't just ANY card, mind you. This is a card made with the special paper I created yesterday; AND a contest candidate.

I'm working along happily, when suddenly there is a disturbance to my left. A stamp inked with black that I had put up on the ledge where my computer monitor is leapt (leaped?) from the ledge, obeying the laws of gravity. It fell, but not just anywhere, mind you. It landed in the worst possible place: On my nearly-finished card! and ink down!! WAAHHHH!!!

I quickly removed the offending stamp and did my best to dab off the ink while it was still wet. Alas, to no avail.

Here are the evil stamp and the messed-up card:

Here's a closer-up:

I've been sitting here a good 20 minutes staring at the damage and trying to figure out a "fix." Perhaps my brain is still in shock because nothing is coming to me.
Ideas, anyone?


rush8888 said...

"when good cards go bad" could be another blog where bad cards go to get rehabilitated. the worst that could happen was to tear the card up and use the elements in other ways. too bad about the ribbon, though...cut it off and use all the good parts. as far as that spot on the 'bout a huge flower? you could also cover up the ribbon that way. you could also cover that stamp-stutter the same way. just suggesting! i can't believe the word verification! word. it is "dying". it could mean almost dead or making things a different color.

Shiozaki Beach girls said...

it is barely noticeable...why make it more? If you added a flower you can cover some of it, but don't worry...I wouldn't have paid any attention...

but of course, I know, when I make boo boos (gasp!) I see them and they're like the Grand Canyon...I mean HOw CAN yOu MIsS IT?

Stampindragon said...

Ahhhhgggg! Major frustration. It happened in the worst spot too - the edge. The spot in the middle really is not noticable, but that larger one on the edge is even too big to cover with the ribbon. I think a flower would look out of place on this card. Will the two lower hearts come off without damage? If so, remove them raise the ribbon and move the bow to the left some and put a heart on the ribbon to help hide the mark on the edge and then put a few hearts under the ribbon in the now exposed area.

Kirsten said...

That card is really pretty. It really isn't that noticeable but for a contest I know you want it to be perfect. Maybe you could try and ink up just a small section of the dotted edge of the heart stamp and create little flourishes randomly around the heart. The curvature of the heart would match some of the design work in the large heart design and if you don't stamp too many images with it, it might not be so overwhelming. Does that make sense? Pretty much stamp the part that accidentally stamped itself randomly a few more times around the card. Good luck I cant wait to see what you come up with.

Anonymous said...

My thought - create another of the larger hearts but cut it out and pop it up on a dimensional - so it overlaps the first heart and covers the ink. Untie the ribbon and retie it with the polka dots and ink on the inside - and just use the solid side. The tiny spot I'd probably leave alone - it isn't noticeable unless you point it out.
Good Luck,
Monika Davis
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