Monday, September 7, 2009

New Policy

This blog was started as a sort of diary of my stamping projects, and the original intent was to have a place to show off my artwork to my personal friends who were interested without having to email pictures to everyone.

Then I realized that (hoping this doesn’t sound egotistical) my work also serves as an inspiration to my fellow Stampin’ Up! demonstrators, and so I started sharing my link with them. My projects have been made with mostly Stampin’ Up! materials, but I’ve also showcased some stamps and products from other vendors with the feeling that demos and their customers could apply the ideas to their own SU! projects, or at least enjoy the eye candy.

Due to a recent Stampin’ Up! policy change, I am having to choose between remaining a demonstrator and “doing my own thing” as I have been on my blog. It’s been a very (very!) hard decision, but I have decided to remain a demo and am making changes to my blog per SU!’s guidelines. You’ll notice first of all that my sidebar links to other stamp companies have been removed. Secondly, from this point forward, I will be posting only my projects that are made with 99% Stampin’ Up! products.

To my loyal friends, this means you will probably not be seeing all the cards I make. My plan is to use mostly SU! stuff for the duration of my demonstratorship – after all, Stampin’ Up! has the best products on the market and customer service that goes above and beyond – so that I can post most of my work here on this blog. On those rare occasions when I “need” to use a non-SU! stamp, I will simply not post the project. Please understand that, while I am currently a hobby demo and haven’t focused much on making product sales, I am still a representative of Stampin’ Up! in my words and actions. Also understand that I would really LIKE to become a selling demo, and so you may see more links to Stampin’ Up! catalogs and products. Stampin’ Up! isn’t just stamps and pretty paper anymore. We have a wonderful line of home decor products; and with the Holiday Mini catalog that is currently available, SU! is entering the jewelry and software markets as well. I honestly believe Stampin’ Up! has products for everyone, and I am eager to share more information about them with you. In the simplest of terms, the best support you can offer me with my art is to make a purchase.

To my fellow Stampin’ Up! demonstrators, this means you can feel comfortable coming here for inspiration knowing that you’ll see only projects made with 99% Stampin’ Up! products. I am continually gleaning ideas from your blogs, and I want to reciprocate with my own SU!-only ideas. If you have any suggestions on how I can make my blog better for you, please let me know.

To myself, this is a personal challenge. I represent one of the best companies on the planet, and yet my loyalty has been waffling. I have TONS of Stampin’ Up! stuff (much of it retired, unfortunately, but I’m working on that), so why not use it? It’s time to put my money where my mouth is! And who knows? Maybe this will lead to me turning my hobby demonstratorship into a viable business.

As I said before, this has been a very difficult decision; and these changes aren’t exactly coming easily to me. Some of you with whom I’ve spoken privately have expressed the feeling that the new SU! policy is too strict and that I should be able to blog about anything I’d like. Please understand that this is a business decision, and I feel Stampin’ Up! is well within their rights with these new guidelines. I think this new policy will be good for SU! as well as good for me.

If you have any question about this post or about Stampin’ Up! in general, please let me know. Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy the ride!


Amanda Harbison said...

Thank you for your candor! I am inspired by you and your difficult choice. I agree with you that we represent the finest company around! You are a wonderful example to all of us; demos and non demos!

kate The kid said...

sigh...i will miss the non-SU! "jewels" that you periodicly post, but i am sure i will see them other formats. a very difficlut decision.

good luck with the new rules; you know i wish you nothing but the best.


Gwen Mangelson said...

good for you, my hubby and I applaud you in your decision, SU IS the best quality product on the market hands down.

Queenbee said...

Hi Joyce, hopefully your decision will put others at ease in making their own decisions about their blogs. You put the message very well. What it comes down to is "
what store do you want to sell?"
I'll keep visiting, you keep inspiring. Debbie de la Cruz

christina d said...

Good for you! I know it was a hard decision but for you the right one to make. I'll miss seeing your other cards, but you know how to show me! LOL! Keep up the great Art!

Sharon said...

I'm sorry that you have to make a decision like that. The whole experience is creative freedom. I will miss all the creative flows. Good luck on your venture.

Kim Gasper said...

I commend your decision, and I too will soon be revising my blog links to be in compliance with Stampin' Up!'s new policy. You may already know this, but just in case...I just wanted to mention that you do not have to stop posting your non-SU! work. You simply need to follow SU!'s requirements for how to share the supplies used on those projects. Either way, glad you're sticking around as a demo! :-)

Laurie Zoellmer said...

I too think you made the right decision :) I am off to subscribe to your blog right now..happy stamping!