Sunday, November 8, 2009

Star Trek Birthday Card

I was commissioned to make a birthday card for a friend's husband who is a Trekkie, and since his birthday is next weekend, I figured I'd better get the card made.

Since I can't stamp (more on that later), I had to rely on my computer and printer to Make It So. I decided on a Stampin' Up! Basic Black card base of 5-1/4" square, and layered the picture of the crew as well as the sentiment and inside saying on the colors Ruby Red, Certainly Celery, and Brocade Blue. I used the same colors to jazz up the envelope.

In case the birthday guy stops by to visit his card on my blog: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CALVIN!

Personal update:
I've spent most of the weekend in bed, partly dealing with emotional stuff, but more so because my gout is acting up -- and of all the places, in my right elbow! I tried to stamp, but I can't put any pressure on that joint. And stamping with my left hand was a disaster, lol! I have to use my left to eat because my right elbow won't bend far enough, and I have to blow my nose with one hand. My computer time is limited because when I sit at my desk I tend to lean on that arm. Sheesh! Remind me never to take my right elbow for granted again!


christina d said...

Love the card, but then I love old Star Trek too. Sorry to hear about the gout. Hope it gets better soon.

kate The kid said...

waaaa...poor you! if it ain't one thing it's your mother (you know) i wont be offended if this doesn't get posted...just wanted to comiserate. i love the card and hope you feel better soon...or more practice with the left-hand stamping. Peace