Sunday, November 1, 2009

Update from Bear Central

It's been a busy bear day! I was feeling yukky yesterday and didn't do much on the bears, so today I decided to work double-time to catch up -- and actually finished assembling all them!

First up, the last of the girl bears in skirts:

Next I did twelve boy bears. Twelve seemed like a good number since I had eleven sets of boy shoes and could get away with using blue shoes on one of the boy bears to make an even twelve. I'm not sure my fingers or my sanity would have taken much more. Notice the ties on the shoes? OMG, talk about detail work!

The last batch of bears could pass as boys or girls, depending on who's looking. I used the baseball caps that were on the boy die, but shoes from the main die, which I interpret to mean they could be for boys OR girls. Who cares? As long as they bring a smile to a kid's face, I'm happy.

I might take a break from this project tomorrow, just to give myself time to physically and mentally regroup before starting on the cards. I have a Netflix movie to watch and send back, and boring/obnoxious paperwork calling my name; so it'd be nice to get those out of the way. I have a hard week ahead filled with doctor and nurse appointments, some housing errands (to hopefully avert crisis!), bills to pay... you know: Life. I'm hoping my fifty furry friends will keep me grounded 'til next weekend, when I can (I hope) breath a sigh of relief.

Wishing us all peace and harmony in the days to come,
Joyce Spear a.k.a. StamperJoyce


Stampindragon said...

Joyce, you are doing an awesome job on the bears! I can hardly wait to see the cards you make with them. Now I need to cut some out for myself. I even had the Halloween clothes for them, but never got around to cutting any out for myself. Hope to do that tomorrow and play with them myself. I now have a 4-yr. old step-grandaughter and look forward to making her some magnetic BAB dolls to dress. Next on my wish list are the Santa outfits for them.

Cynthia Ferenz
Fredericksburg, VA

christina d said...

Your bears came out so cute! Lots of tiny pieces though. I'd be blind when I finished. So, what's your next project gonna be? Hope this next week of appts goes well for you friend!