Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Seasonal Whimsy - Holiday

I haven't decided whether I like this card. I think the main problem is that the balance is off.

Of the four similar cards I made, this is the one that turned out the best -- because I used Brilliance Moonlight White instead of the Stazon Cotton White I did on the others. Somehow I thought Stazon would give me a bolder white, but I was disappointed. I suspect that SU!'s Whisper White craft pad would give me an even bolder white than the Brilliance, but I'm saving that experiment for another project.

I pulled out my brand new Essential Glue Pad for the first time and used it to stamp the small snowflake over the snowflake in the larger image and then add Dazzling Diamonds glitter. Looks very cool in person, but (of course) the scan doesn't do it justice.

It sure would be nice if I had stamped the world "holidays" straight, wouldn't it?


fonda said...

niiiiiiiice! you dun gud! it is truly whimsical.....even through i don't like the set, somehow you always seem to make them look guuud! i like the way you made the brownish one with the fall leaves...all we see down here in the fall seems to be evergreens!

LadyLibellule said...

I didn't even notice the "holidays" being askew until you mentioned it. I think stuff like that adds to the handmade look, anyway. If people want factory-made cards, there are plenty to buy!