Sunday, March 9, 2008

Peacocks Cards!

I found my stash of peacock feathers AND my peacock stamp from Prickly Pear Rubber Stamps all in the same day last week, so I figured the Universe was trying to tell me something. (Eat more chocolate?) Actually, I've had my mind set for awhile now to make some peacock cards for a friend of mine in Nevada who owns some peacocks and sent me a whole lot of feathers to use for decoration and art projects... but life keeps happening and I kept getting sidetracked. I'm working on a batch of cards to send her (this month, I hope), so finding the peacock stuff was quite serendipitous.

I'm pretty happy with these cards, considering they're rather different from the kinds of cards I've been making lately. The card base is Tempting Turquoise stamped in Lovely Lilac with a peacock feather stamp (not sure what company now that I've put it away). The central stamp image is embossed on Glorious Green cardstock with (how fitting) "Peacock" embossing powder, which turns rainbow colors depending on how long you apply heat to it; and then layered on a bit of Lovely Lilac. The crowning touch was the addition of real peacock feathers, adhered with just a bit of two-way glue. I'm please enough with these that I think I may make a few more, since these two cards are already spoken for.


Keely said...

I really like what you have done with these!

Anonymous said...

hey.. these would be really cute as wedding invations. Do you sell them? I'm planning a peacock theme wedding

StamperJoyce said...

Yes, I could do these as wedding invitations! Please contact me privately with more details (dates, quantities, etc.) for more information.