Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Healed" Card

Back on April 13th I posted a set of cards I made, and whined that I had smeared the marker-doodled border on the white panel of one of the cards. Even though the smears didn't show up very well in the photos, I was crushed. I mused about how to fix the card, and even posted a question to the Yahoo groups I'm in to get feedback. Finally I just admitted to myself that I was blocked and needed hands-on outside help.

Kate and Fonda to the rescue!! I sent the card off to my friends in North Carolina and asked them to make it all better, but without using Stickles (which is our "quick fix" for almost everything). They lovingly (I assume... but then again they could have pointed and laughed, too) doctored the card back to health using, of all things, Spider Writers to cover the smears with some wonderful doodles. Holy cow! Who'da thunk? I'm so tickled pink I can hardly stand it. And now, without further ado, I present the healed card:

The bigger purple circle doodles are where the smears were, and they just took off with their creativity from there. Is this cool or what? Thank you, ladies, for you assistance. Nice job!!


kate The kid said...

I had nothing to do with it...i wasn't sure spider writers were the way to go...that was ALL fonda, and i think she did good. you-two are always good together...the ideas always abound!

Love, K

Anonymous said...

i think i lost the previous comment because i did not put in the word verification....well, poo! so, i will try again.

o stampin' guru.... yep...it was me! i found my spider writers, which were the "in" thing many years ago. i should be happy that they didn't dry out! anyway, before i got the sick card, i had put the spider writers away. now, since they were fresh in my mind, i used them to cure the ailing card. who knows what joyce EXPECTED, so i just dug in with doodling. i had fun. mission: accomplished!

fonda, who still doesn't know her password or username for that matter!

ps. i remembered to put in the word verification this time!